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Due to the lack of advanced development of tourism Nepal was out-of-the-way to foreign tourists and the climbers till 1951. It was even difficult to travel in mystical and magnificent land until 1954 for the interested climbers and explorers. With the span of time, many improvements took place especially in the field of science and technology along with the advent of tourism programs launched by different organizations pertaining to travel and tours thanks to which many people embarked on visiting Nepal as one of the best destinations. In order to lure the visitors Nepal has been celebrating different tourism festivals, VISIT NEPAL YEAR 1998 was one of the big celebrations. The Nepal Government has launched this for enhancing the tourism sector. Recently Government of Nepal has announced the year 2011 as Nepal Tourism with the motive of welcome 10 million foreign tourists.

Nepal has many potentialities in the field of tourism owing to have different high peaked mountains, hillsides, national parks, exotic plants and huge species of birds. Moreover, many historical and holy places are the center of attractions in order to entice the thirsty trekkers. Besides this, cultural variations and biodiversities are the unique features of Nepal. Interestingly, Nepal can be the safe heaven for the visitors because guests are venerated in the form of God in Nepalese culture.

Nepal Trekking

Nepal is the best possible destination with ample trekking opportunities for the avid trekkers. Especially the trekking is focused on various Himalayan regions with the comfortable climate and scenic places as well as religious and cultural sites together with some remote place where the people can visualize the traditionally attired local people with their traditional gown with typical local language which is different from the standard Nepali Language.

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Nepal Tour

Tour in Nepal provides religious, cultural, traditional  tour of ancient places of Nepal like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Lumbini. Tour in Nepal also provides many adventurous activities like rafting in many rivers which flows from Himalayan ranges as well different jungle safari packages. Tour in Nepal also provide bunjy jumping, zyp flying, paragliding, Helicopter tour to view glorious Himalayan range.

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Mountain Expedition

There are mainly two climbing routes to the Everest. One is the southeast ridge from Nepal and the other is the Northeast ridge from Tibet as well as many others less frequently climbed route. The southeast trekking ridge is technically easier and is the more constantly used route. It was the same route used by Edmund Hillary and Tenjing Norgay Sherpa in 1953 and the first recognized route among the fifteen routes to the top.

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Nepal can be the best choice for the trekkers in order to pass their leisure time in an interesting way from which they can explore many more things if they desired to do so. They will not feel bore during their traveling in different locations in order to fulfill their expectations, they can really find more than they have expected.

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River Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is well known destination for the rafting aficionados and high experienced river guides who seek for the best destination in the world for rafting. Nepal is reputed in numbers of fast flowing rivers falling down from the mountains to the slow moving waters of the plains which present an outstanding river journey for the new comers as well as the occasional visitors.

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