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Marshyangdi River Rafting

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Kali Gandaki is a name put after the the Hindu Goddess Kali, supposed to be reincarnation of Goddess Durga. It begins from high of the Tibetan plateau of Musang. It is of a medium length river but gives you a unique experience by offering the thundering rapids, incredible view of the Annapurna range and the huge gorge which gives you a plenty of pleasure. The rapid of river, as being more technical and continuous, keeps the rafters busy for paddling in most of the day.The cultural revelationadds much exciting to the trip. Kali Gandaki river proffers the great white water with its turbulent rapids, stunning scenery, old villages along with the great views of mountain. A fossil found under water is more interesting and the white sandy beach beneath the water adds more enjoyment.


Day 01: Khudi to Bhulbule 
To reach at Khudi from Kathmandu you must leave early in the morning and it takes approximately 8-9 hours drive.In the first day of your trip to Khudi, you do not meet any rafting trip but it is enjoyable with beautiful surrounding views and typical Nepali village by the side of the way.At Khudi all the equipment remains unpacked and therby you need to follow the short hike. Then you reach at Bhulbule where the camp is set up.From this place the scene of sun set view seem very inspiring and attracting.Similarly from one of the vantage point you have a great views of Himalaya.

Day 02: Ngadi
The day begins with a short trek to put in point ,Ngadi.You should be ready for rafting trip where the sounds and sights are engaging. The trip starts here soon after your lunch. The full thrills and spills in the mershyandi river make any keen rafters to vouch for is an unforgiving river, by any mistake has to be paid for by a knock down.The first stop on this river banks is at Khudi where the camp is set up.

Day 03: Dam
Each and every day the river seems bigger and bigger and the ride gets bumpier accordingly. The surrounding area seems attractive with lush green jungle and the boat collides through canyons. After enjoying five hours of fun and rapids, it is a time to stop for a lunch on a choosy sandy beach. After your lunch the adventure follows on the speeding waters of the marshyandi river which takes the rafters to the camping site before middle marshyandgi hydro Dam, which is regarded as one of the most gorgeous and comfortable sandy beaches.

Day 04: Panaudi to Turture
The wonderful trip of this day begins with a transmit toPanaudi, which is beyond the dam.Because of the concrete structure comes in the way, there is a break in the river journey and everthing has to be carried across to a point further down from it. Thereafter, the next put in point is at Panaudi from where another three hour rafting starts stumbling up class III torrents. This fantastic trip ends at Turture .In the next day you can enjoy with the scenic float from turture to BImalnagar without having any rapids for tackling.

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