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Sunkoshi River Rafting

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Sun koshi , ‘The river of Gold’ is rated as one of the best white water rafting river expeditions. It has reputation for being the longest trip in Nepal with 270km flows through one of the most remote area. An incredible stretch of exhilarating white water with small class II and III rapids come across the trip.


Day 01: Dolalghat
Dolalghat can be reached after the three hours drive from Kathmandu which is a put in point on Sunkoshi River. After some briefing from guides and the preparations, the trip begins. At the first day on Kaligandaki the river is slightly lazy and peace from where you can congregate the local villagers. There are villages and temples on the way until you reached at the campsite.

Day 02: Khalte chayenpur
In the second day, you will meet the first class III rapids, meat Grinder through the straight path. After crossing a few kilometer down of river, you will encounter a confluence of Tama Koshi or the “Rivers of copper” and Sunkoshi. Then the trip is stop for lunch from which, you have ample of time to see beautiful landscapes and different ethnic groups along the way. Your second day’s camp is set up above the rapid punch and Judy.

Day 03: Likhu khola
The valley in the side of the Likhu khola is always changing in terms of its width. The crew takes the rapid seriously at the Bat Cave in which the size of the river makes surprise to every rafter. This is the time to stop and scout and ultimately decide for the next days exciting trips. Here, you can see the Newari ethnic groups who always wait to see the adventures pass by. You will even get the waves which are no longer threatable. Later the nice stretch of sandy beach is chosen for the campsite.

Day 04: Harkapur
In the four days of your trip, the surrounding gets changed and a number of small to medium sized rapids are seen. The few kilometers below, you will meet the confluence of Likhu khola with long class rapids named Likhu rapid. After having your lunch you will ride across the interesting rock formation on the walls. During your rapid time the white water gets more exciting and the day ends at the campsite near a village called Harkapur. Here, you can even visit to the local shop.

Day 05: Rasuwa Ghat
There will be no bound of your enthusiasm when you encountered the most exciting and the biggest rapids along the way. Everyone is in happy mood with attentive look at the rapids as it needs to cross some challenges. Thereafter you will meet the confluence of Sunkoshi and Dudhkoshi River and further down to the journey you will pass no. of rapids in the way. At the afternoon you will take rest near to Rasuwa Khola.

Day 06: Jungle corridor
The more you cross the river the more you are enjoying, as you have got an opportunity to pass full of thrills and many more rapids along the way. In you sixth days trip you have to face lots of rapids and thrills which in the beginning seems small but have got more longer and bigger in your journey process. When you cross the Rapid name Rhino Rock, a class III rapid lies just above the beginning of the jungle corridor, then it is the time to halt for the night and set up the camp.

Day 07: Big Dipper
In the 7th days of your trip the rapids such as Cooper Chin and Black Hole can be met. The George forces the water to flow through a narrow opening that is densely forested. You can even get an opportunity to shower under waterfalls, an incomparable experience. After managing the George the scenery behind is changed.Your night camp is set up near a waterfall, which is a few kilometers far from the big rapid called “Big Dipper”.

Day 08: Tribeni Dovan
Everyone is curious to look the Big Dipper and they finally got chance to face it with a series of standing waves with the holes that can create quite a bit of trouble which need to be tackled very carefully. After the rapids are eased out your trip in the afternoon is very enjoyable. In the very day, you have many spectacles like as to watch cremations, logging of bamboos and soon.

Rais and Limbus dominated this valley, who is collectively known as Kirants, an ancient ruler of Kathmandu valley. In the evening you will get the confluence of three major rivers of eastern Nepal: Arun, Tamur and Sun Koshi, which is a good camping site for the rafters. The river after getting confluence of these three, become part of Sapta Koshi (the seven Koshis).

Day 09: Chatara
It is the last day of your trip on Sunkoshi River and it gets started with a visit to the popular Hindi Temple at Barah Chhetra below Tribenighat, the meeting place of three rivers. Thousands of Hindus come to worship in the temple especially on the full moon day in January. The pilgrims arrive to celebrate Lord Vishnu’s victory over a legendary Demon. Your trip ends after taking lunch on the fabulous beach of Sunkoshi River at chatara and the drive back begins through Georges and challenging rapids. 

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